The Disposable Memory Project

The Disposable Memory Project:

Pick up a camera, take some photos, pass it on!

from Fluster Magazine

Pick up a camera, take some photos, pass it on.

The Disposable Memory Project is an international photography experiment.

Disposable cameras are left all over the world so people can pick it up, create some
memories and pass them on. Since 2008, more than 400 cameras have been left in more
than 70 different countries. Each camera contains a message that encourages finder of the
camera to pick it up, take some photos with it and then pass it on.

In three years, 30 cameras have been returned home with some incredible memories
of people’s daily lives. The project is non-profit and the community now has over 1600
members around the world. I must say I was very impressed when I heard about the project.
I think it’s an incredible idea and it gives us a picture of how different lives we all lead.

How can I get involved?

Firstly, you buy a disposable camera. Then you visit,
where you type in your e-mail address in order to get a unique camera code, which you have
to write on the disposable camera. You also write a message and put it into a clear re-seable
bag together with the camera. Finally, you just drop the camera somewhere in town or hand
it to someone. Pretty easy but still amazing huh?

A sister project, also started by Disposable Memory Project started at the beginning of 2012.
They will select 100 people, aged from one to hundred years old and ask them to capture a
week in their life. All you have to do to sign up, is to visit,

type in your e-mail and age and they’ll get back to you! They are still missing people of key
ages. 60 and above, so if you have a grandparent or you know anyone who would like to
take part in this, let them know. They already started sending out first cameras, so keep
checking out the project’s website because it’s going to be interesting when they start
posting pictures people captured.

Camera 320 ready for release!

Camera 320 Before Release

Please Pick Me Up

Images ©

The project is a non-profit, community activity founded and curated by Matthew Knight in 2008. The community now has 1600 members across the globe.


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