FIGOSA, effortlessly stylish leather camera straps

DPP_0009Figosa is no longer a new name amongst analogue photography enthusiasts and vintage camera collectors.

Figosa was born from an idea of Andrea and Laura, two passionate film camera collectors from Genoa (Italy). Their collection started with a Kodak Six-20 Junior folding camera and soon expanded to several models. In order to make their cameras not only working but also daily usable, they needed adequate, comfortable and vintage-style straps. They started crafting their own using genuine Italian leather, and so Figosa was born!


Figosa is currently selling neck and wrist leather straps through its Etsy shop, they are available in six colours: black, dark brown, cognac, honey and now also white and lavender with gold or silver metal inserts which you can combine at your own choice.

I had the chance to test both the neck and wrist straps. Andrea and Laura`s passion and attention for detail were evident from the very first second just looking at the packaging and the contents did not disappoint my expectation.


Both straps felt robust, comfortable and looked really cool (“Figosa” means “something cool” in Italian).

The neck strap felt and looked right both on a heavy TLR as well as on a much lighter Toy Camera. They are available in three non-adjustable sizes (110, 120, 130 cm) so keep in mind how tall you are and on which type of camera your going to use them on when ordering yours.


My personal favourite was the wrist strap but that is only because I like to have my camera safely strapped around my wrist and ready to shoot rather than dangling on my chest.


Although originally designed for mirror-less cameras the wrist strap works extremely well on a small SLR [tried on a Yashica T3] and also on my Super8 cameras [will vintage video be the next direction for Figosa? Hope someone in Genoa is listening…].



If you are looking for reliable, comfortable, vintage-style straps with the typical Italian effortlessly stylish appeal, Figosa is for you!

See more at

Figosa and Analogue Soul will partner with Fluster Magazine for a new  initiative yet to be announced all about analogue photography!

All we can say is that it will be worth the wait… ”LIKE” Fluster Magazine Facebook page and make sure you don`t miss it! 




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